"One of my first memories is a trip to the volcano Mount Colema in Mexico. On the way out, we drove through a black obsidian desert. We stopped by the side of the road and I found a sharpened obsidian. That rock started my rock collection. People think the desert is desolation but it is one of the greatest places for seeing the millions of years in history in rock striations and formations. The long game of rocks puts perspective on our lives here on earth." 

Rose Meyers is an artist, musician, roboticist, mom, and software engineer. She is currently making miniature gardens and building a social network for robots. She has competed in many years of robot olympics with Team Virobots and won gold, silver and bronze medals. She is a founding member of the sound art groups 0th, whose performances incorporate robotics and sculptural elements. 

Her works have appeared in the The Hammer Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Exploratorium, Jeu De Paume, NY MoMA, Artforum, the UK Guardian, Vice Magazine, and on CNET. 

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