Tips for Navigating the Desert

• Leave No Trace! The desert is a sensitive environment. Keep to designated routes and paths so that your impact is minimized and   take all trash away with you.

•Fill you gas tank before coming out to Wonder Valley!

• Follow map and directions provided for your own safety to minimize your impact upon the desert and the community.

• You must bring food and water. Other than The Palms which is open limited hours, food and water is 30 minutes from the location of the event.

• Be cautious and respectful near residences or private property (and keep in mind that despite appearances almost ALL property in the area is private)

• Be kind to our neighbors! We are a small community and despite the vast empty feeling out here, people are watching. Respect goes a very long way!

• Drive slowly (20 mph on dirt roads) and don’t make a lot of dust. It helps the air quality and keeps the neighbors happy.

• Never drive off road or cut through the desert. Vehicle tracks scar the landscape in a way that does not heal easily.

• Never drive on a road that looks sandy or soft. If you find yourself driving in soft sand, do not stop until you are out or you will get stuck. Keep moving at a steady pace.

• Think ahead and use common sense!

If you get stuck:

• WAIT for help. Gunning the car will just dig you in deeper and make getting out much harder.

• When help arrives dig out wheels, roll backwards slightly then if it’s a lightweight  car try pushing with about six people while accelerating slowly forward.

• If that fails call a tow truck:  

Bailey’s Towing   760.367.0089