Aaron Oppenheim

“The desert soundscape, much like the landscape, is characterized by a sense of spaciousness punctuated by bursts of life and activity overwhelming to the senses. At times it can seem like the quietest place on earth; yet that very quietness enables sound to carry incredibly far. The result is a space of tension: a soft noise can be easily heard miles away, amplified by the desert. The sparseness of audio and physical elements means that each one takes on greater meaning. 

It’s futile to try to compete with this stark majesty. Instead, I seek to fit my work into and respond to the natural environment. While my installations use technology, they are inspired by natural ecosystems. Both stable and chaotic, they incorporate feedback systems that mimic organic processes and animal behaviors by integrating irregularities, glitches, natural occurrences, and human intervention.”

Aaron Oppenheim is an American-Canadian, Canadian-American composer, improviser, and sound artist currently based in Oakland, California. His work focuses on laptop-based improvised music, autonomous systems, audio and video feedback, and the repurposing of cheap, mass-produced, and obsolete technology. Aaron’s work has been featured at the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, California Electronic Music Exchange Conference, Vancouver ProMusica’s Sonic Boom, The BrutalSFX Festival, and the Outsound New Music Summit. Aaron holds an MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College, where he studied with John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Roscoe Mitchell, and Fred Frith. He frequently performs live electronic music both solo and in group settings, and has played with artists such as Ikue Mori, Stuart Dempster, Wadada Leo Smith and Tim Perkis. Aaron is also a member of numerous musical groups including The Real Life Rock and Roll Band, GIF Problem, Talk More and Architect/Enchantress.