Kyle Simon

“Some people are beach people; I’m a desert guy, with a strong cowboy complex. In a desert landscape there are few obstructions, therefore you can see and hear great for distances. It is here that light and sound operate on different levels than most places. It’s fascinating to try and understand where a particular sound may be coming from, or interpret a distant light. As an artist it is very exciting to play with these raw elements.”

Kyle Simon was born in Philadelphia, PA. Simon studied the physics of acoustics at the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico. After graduation he apprenticed with several print shops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Barcelona, eventually becoming a master printmaker for 12 years with Pace Editions in New York. During his time at Pace, he collaborated with many contemporary masters in the art world, including Kiki Smith, Tara Donovan, and James Turrell. During this time, he was developing his own artistic voice, creating immersive exhibitions that combined many of his interests in printmaking, painting, performing, unique musical instruments, and storytelling. These exhibitions were often audience centered, relying on their involvement in the artistic concept. In 2016 Simon left New York and moved to Joshua Tree, California with the sole purpose of creating a telescope that could translate the light of celestial objects into sound.

In 2018 Simon purchased 20 acres of land and an abandoned Astronomical Observatory where he is in the midst of creating a permanent venue for his project The Sirens, as well as home for many other outlets of artistic expression.

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