Lenka Morávková 

“Coming from a very lush greenery of the Northern Czech Republic, desert is an entirely alien experience to me, in a visual and sonic way. I am enchanted by the silence, where even the most tiniest sounds vibrate through all your senses, by monotonous seamless landscape, which I see as a breathing wallpaper enabling me to project creative, existential or silly ideas on without being distracted. I crave for more visual and sonic simplicity of the desert in my life in general. ”

Lenka Morávková is a songwriter, sound artist, and electronic music producer from the Czech Republic, partly residing in Los Angeles, California and she has a compelling background as an electronic producer (MY NAME IS ANN, Bohemian Cristal INSTRUMENT) and academic researcher (PhD program of Ethnomusicology and Digital Composition at UCR). Tiptoeing on the edge between the dance floor and conceptual art, her work is rooted in global and personal collapses, an aesthetic of glitches and deconstruction, and an application of academic theories to performance practices. As a cross-disciplinary artist, Lenka Morávková transgresses boundaries within music, visual art, performance, and new media, touring internationally with her music project My Name Is Ann as well as performing with the unique glass instrument Bohemian Cristal Instrument (après Baschet sculpture).

Lenka hails from Northern Czech Republic, a region famous for its glass industry. She had already produced several striking new media installations based on the sound of local factories in the time of their deepest decline, before the conception of her Bohemian Cristal Instrument. Following Lenka’s original design, the glass sound sculpture is a unique version of the legendary Cristal Baschet instrument. With it, she introduces an entirely new sonic adventure, yet one still strongly connected to local tradition On her most recent journey with BCI, she has given a TEDx talk, performed at the prestigious The Broad Museum in Los Angeles, a video shot in the blooming desert of California went viral, reaching more than 2 million views, performed for at Colours of Ostrava festival for 5,000 people and the most recently, at Eurosonic Noordeslag, the most prestigious European showcase festival.

Her interactive sound installations and performances have been presented extensively throughout Europe, including the LEM festival in Barcelona, the Czech National Theatre in Prague, Art Fair Prague, CreART, the International Glass Symposium, Colours of Ostrava and the Biennial Ostrava Days festivals in the Czech Republic, the Natures Festival in Ljubjana, and the CreArt festival. More information:



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