Event Schedule


Friday March 29, 2019

7:30pm - 10:30pm Please RSVP HERE.

Opening Bonfire and Performances with Chiara Giovando, Bohemian Cristal Instrument (acoustic concert)/Lenka Morávková, Shanna Sordahl & Gaelene. Installation by Aaron Oppenheim will be on view at this location for the evening.

Parking will be at The Palms - The site is a 1/4 mile walk, about 15 minutes from the Palms. It will be dark but there will be solar lights lighting the path. Only cross Amboy Road at the designated crossing! There will be guides at the crossing to help with your safety. Please follow their directions. (Please see MSA volunteer in The Palms parking lot for help with accessibility issues.)

You must bring a flashlight for your own safety and bring blankets or cushions for your own comfort. Wear appropriate shoes for walking in soft sand. Shoes with high heels are not recommended! It can also get cold at night so bring appropriate attire. This is the desert, be prepared! 

There will be water available at the site but no other beverages.


Saturday March 30, 2019

5:15am & 6:15am

Sunrise Sound Hike with Endless Sample Please RSVP HERE

Meet up location will be at Randy’s Domes. Please see MAP for directions. We will leave promptly from Randy's Domes at 5:15am & 6:15am respectively.

Artist Endless Sample will host two groups to go out on a Sunrise Sound Hike. The first group will leave in the dark as nautical twilight begins and will watch as the sky lights up in all is glory perched on top of a beautiful mountain above Wonder Valley. The second group (those who can’t seem to pull themselves out of bed to be there at 5:15) will leave when the sun is about to rise and get to experience this amazing sonic experience as the sun peaks out from behind the mountains in the East.

You must bring flashlights as you will be hiking in the dark at first. Also bring water and wear comfortable hiking shoes.  You will be hiking up a rocky mountain. Though it is an established offroad trail and there will be solar lights along the way, you will want to have safe hiking shoes and have an appropriate flashlight to assure your safety.

10AM - 5PM

Installations Available for Viewing - Please visit our information table at The Palms to pick up a brochure with locations or see MAP.

10am - 5pm Saturday Only

Performances at the fabulous new domes being constructed in Wonder Valley by Randy Smith. Please RSVP HERE.

Slack, a 7 hour durational performance by Raegan Truax

Explorations in Sound - Every 30 Minutes (on the hour and the half hour starting at 10am) Bob Rowell and Steven Wilhelm will lead groups in explorations and experiences with sound in these unique sonic spaces.


Sunday March 31, 2019

10AM - 7PM (Sunset)

Installations Available for Viewing - Please visit our information table at The Palms to pick up a brochure with locations or see MAP.


Instructions for Our Love, A performance

Amber Stucke

John Preckwinkle, Cahuilla Bird Singer & Spoken Cahuilla

Michelle Morreo & Felicita Payton, Cahuilla Language Translators

Larrea tridentata, or commonly known as the Creosote bush, is the most abundant plant in the Mojave Desert. Certain forms of this plant are considered to be some of the oldest living organisms on Earth dating back as far as 11,700 years old. Instructions for Our Love is a vocal piece spoken in English and read in Cahuilla by John Preckwinkle, a traditional Cahuilla Bird Singer, as an honoring to the Creosote. The instructions intend to reconnect the sound of the language back to the land. As Cahuilla people have lived and continue to live in the surrounding area of Wonder Valley for over 400 years. The language is endangered but still persists.  



In deciding to take part in this event, participants assume all liability for their actions, personal property and well being. Mojave Sound Art (MSA), it’s organizers and those affiliated with MSA or lending their property for use by the organization assume no liability for accidents or injury or harm incurred by participants of this event. Take precautions and follow all event guidelines.