Kate Lee Short 

At the core of my creative practice is a deep passion to unveil sacred moments in everyday life.  I primarily create large immersive installations that by scale alone ask people to engage all of their senses and come on a journey with me in search of these cherished spaces.  I seek to understand where the physical parameters of the work can give way to transcendent moments of awareness.

The work I do is often categorized as Sound Art and while it has a sonic element to it, I am most interested in engaging all of our senses in the pursuit of a larger goal.  I am concerned with how places embody power and can command a particular presence from people within them. The architecture of a space commands our bodies and minds to react in accordance with its intention. Through creating, modifying and transforming space, I am looking for ways to harness that inherent power to help find new ways of seeing, understanding, and transforming the world we live in.