Jacobine van der Meer

“Here, I can be fully immersed in utter stillness or swept up by the violent sounds of the hurricane force winds.

Here, I can be enchanted by the endless variety of bird melodies, spooked by the coyotes howling.

Here, the dull sonic blasts of bombs rattle my windows, the engines of motorcycles roar.

I live here. I feel alive.”

Originally from the Netherlands, Jacobine van der Meer is a visual artist and has been living in the desert town of Landers, California since 2004. Her work is currently focused on the juxtaposition of the artificial and the natural. Witnessing a technological world spinning out of control she feels a deepening connection to her natural surroundings. In her sculptural work she uses desert plants and local clay in addition to artificial materials like resin, silicone and acrylics. Jacobine has had solo exhibitions in Dallas and Los Angeles and her work is represented in private collections in The United States and Europe. Jacobine performs as 'The Brutal Poodle' in the noise ensembles 'Brutal Poodle' and 'HerniA', exploring contrasts in sound in an instinctive way. She always performs in costume.






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