'“Deserts can be very lonely places. When we experience lack we say we occupy “a desert” of some kind. Because of this, connections in a desert, like an encounter with another human, wildlife, the environment, etc... can take in a greater significance than more populated areas. Things stand out in a desert as poetry, as deeper meaning, as enlightening. I try to address this I’m my work by creating musical instruments that serve as pints of connection. When we make sounds or music we project out into the environment. We have a direct, measurable effect in our immediate surroundings. Sound in a desert can be an affirmation of one’s agency. It can be a call to someone or something to join us or evidence that someone or something is “here”. It is a tool that lends itself to communication across great distances. It’s a way to lessen this distance and come together.”

Gottwald's interactive sound sculptures have been used to activate public spaces, to create immersive sonic environments in concert halls and national parks, accompany dance and film and rest quietly in galleries. These forms are built for audience participation, be it public sculpture or concert stages. The expressed intent of his work is to open up avenues of creativity for everyone. To eliminate, as much as possible, the barriers of proficiency and skill to the act of performance. Even farther still to level the playing field of access and resources to engaging in creative pursuits. If you have a desire Gottwald believes you should, by all means, act on it. And if you should be so unfortunate as to feel unable or incapable then he would very much like it if you would consider using one of his sound sculptures as a way to find your "voice".

His unique instruments have been shown in San Francisco's Market Street Prototyping Festival (2015 & 2016), The Megapolis Festival (2015)as well as in conjunction with Bay Area dance companies inkBoat and Nina Haft & Co. He Holds a Master's degree in Electronic Music from Mills College and a Bachelor's degree in Studio Arts from the University of New Mexico.



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