Chris Kubick

"The overpowering force of this desert draws me back again and again.  I feel small here, perched on the edge of something massive and invisible.  It took me many years to realize, it's most likely spirits, ancestors, gods, whatever you want to call it, a recognition larger than me, larger than us, which ties us together, all of us.  Our collective unknowing.  I come here not to find or understand this thing, but to be teased back into life by it, like being in a crowd, but alone."

Chris Kubick is an artist, composer, and sound designer who works under a variety of pseudonyms, including Language Removal Services and Many Many More Than One.  Much of his recent work explores the meanings and half-truths that are embodied in Hollywood sound effects libraries.  He comes to this work in part through a long and happy association with the dark corners of B-movie Hollywood, having spent more than a little time designing sounds for movies that you'd probably never want to see (Black Cadillac, Flatland, the Bloody Deep, etc.), and a few that you really should see if you get the chance (What America Needs, We Will Live To See These Things).  His work has appeared in the Whitney Biennial; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Vancouver Art Gallery and the Royal College of Art, London, among many others.

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