Blind Tanks

Bloodroot, a lunar collective created between gal*in_dog AKA Guillermo Galindo and Amber Stucke, offers an incantation to change the shape of water to the desert land. Near to the Sheep Hole Mountains, the site for the performance holds the location as a secret water source deep within the earth.  Blind tanks were used by the Cahuilla people throughout the Mojave Desert as they traveled back and forth through the harsh, arid landscape and were needed to survive. From a series of actions that includes sound, language and ritual, the piece honors and calls to the hidden water. 

gal*in_dog AKA Guillermo Galindo(post-Mexican composer/performer/visual artist)
The extent of the work of experimental composer, sonic architect, performance artist and visual media artist gal*in_dog AKA Guillermo Galindo, redefines the conventional limits between music, the art of music composition and the intersections between all art disciplines, politics, humanitarian issues, spirituality and social awareness.  Galindo’s artistic practice emerges from the crossroads between sound, sight and performance and includes everything from orchestral compositions, instrumental works and opera, to sculpture, visual arts, computer interaction, electro-acoustic music, film making, instrument building, three dimensional installation and live improvisation.

Galindo’s graphic scores and three dimensional sculptural cybertotemic sonic objects have been shown at major museums and art biennials  in America, Europe, Asia and around the world including documenta14 (2017), Pacific Standard Time (2017) and CTM Festival (2017). HIs work has been featured on: BBC Outlook (London), Vice Magazine, (London), RTS Switzerland, National Public Radio (U.S.), CBC (Canada), California Sunday Magazine (U.S), Reforma Newspaper (Mexico) , CNN and the New York Times.

Amber Stucke is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California. She identifies her work within ideas of social relationships situated between artistic research, science and imagination. Through materials of sound and language, embodied and appropriated drawings, scientific prints and DIY artist books, her research interests include questions of symbiotic and rhizomatic relationships, Native American ethnobotany, local knowledge systems, plant-human relationships, evolutionary biology, consciousness, and the appropriation of visual scientific classification structures.

Stucke holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and has also had additional studies at Goldsmith’s College in London and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been exhibited at Satellite Berlin (Berlin, Germany), BAK (Utrecht, Netherlands), University of Oporto (Oporto, Portugal), Cain Schulte Contemporary Art (San Francisco, CA), Punch Gallery (Seattle, WA), Kala Art Institute & Gallery (Berkeley, CA), and Zacatecas Cultural Center (Zacatecas, Mexico); solo shows include: Electric Works (San Francisco, CA), The David Brower Center (Berkeley, CA), The LAB (San Francisco, CA), Clay Street Press (Cincinnati, OH), and 2731 Prospect Gallery (Cleveland, OH). She is a recipient of the 2016/2017 Curtis Gates Lloyd Research Fellowship at the Lloyd Library & Museum, a participating artist of Satellite Berlin in Germany, a member of the Society of Artistic Research (SAR), and a contributing writer to The Learned Pig.

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