Anja Ulfeldt

Anja Ulfeldt is a durational installation artist working primarily in sculpture and time based media. Time and presence are the consistent themes of her work, particularly the presence of the audience. She is captivated by the idea of “the moment” as a period of undefined duration, but also as an event of great importance. Through visual art, sound, and performance, her work addresses psychological relationships to infrastructure and resources as they relate to stability, mobility and personal agency.

Anja grew up visiting the Mojave and is drawn to a sense of sublime endlessness that the open desert offers. She’s interested in designing for extremes and what it means to invent for this environment specifically. In 2017 she purchased land in Wonder Valley for the purpose of building temporary and long-term installations.

She has recently had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Craft and Design, San Francisco, and Recology Artist in Residence Program. She is a recipient of the Visions from the New California Award, the TSFF & SOMArts Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award, The AAF/Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts and the Joan Mitchell Foundation Emerging Artist Finalist Award.

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