Anja Ulfeldt 

I am an interdisciplinary sculptor working primarily in installation and time based media. Through interaction, sound, and performance, my work considers domestic infrastructure as it relates to ideas around stability, mobility and personal agency. Stemming from a deep underlying fascination with mortality my work looks at the ephemeral nature of resources and infrastructure that feed, house and nurture our bodies directly. This includes simple technology such as plumbing, refrigeration and climate control as well as less tangible resources such as time, creative space, and community.

My goal is to craft situations that function as parallel realities while exploring connections between human habitat, adaptation and natural resources. I’m interested in the desert as an extreme choice- the resource that artists seek here is difficult to quantify in economic terms and exists in the perception of the beholder. The physical and psychological isolation of desert lands provides the psyche with a resource that cannot be commodified. The participatory experience cannot be sold, shipped or auctioned. The work we are doing here happens live- in this space- with a unique relationship to time and presence.