Andy Zevallos

“I'm inspired by the silence of the desert, its openness, natural beauty, and brutal weather. I'm interested in experimenting with sound, working with tone generation and attracted to listening to what can happen with materials under extreme conditions and/or using environmental elements as components for interaction and composition.

In the past, I've largely worked with amplified sound to be played in houses and indoor venues. Working in a remote desert environment like Wonder Valley, where subtle sound can be heard and experienced, provides an opportunity to make and compose music in a new way. I am looking forward to connecting with other sound artists in this unique location to experiment and explore the many possibilities it has to offer.”

Andy Zevallos is an artist, musician, and museum professional who lives and works in Oakland, California. Much of his personal practice is process-based and rendered in a number of mediums, largely works in abstract composition that draw on both natural and synthetic elements. Andy gravitates toward systems with rules that guide the construction of a piece then subject it to elements of chaos and chance. Past works have included Synema, a soundtrack for silent film, using software to distill digital information from images to generate tones as a soundtrack for film, and Great shade, a cyanotype print work with compositions made from botanical material and sound resonated salt patterns.

Andy currently works in exhibit fabrication with a focus in natural sciences, multimedia exhibit elements, and interactive technology. He's shown his paintings, cyanotype prints, and videos in Oakland, and has performed music in groups throughout the US and Europe. Andy graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Design and Conceptual Information Arts.

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