This past year I was fortunate to acquire my first property that will be a central hub for the Mojave Sound Art project. Located in a remote area of Wonder Valley, it has an off the grid 150 sq ft underground house that I lovingly call the “Hobbit House”.  My vision is to use this land as my studio, to explore the possibilities of creating work within and responsive to this landscape. I am also in the process of turning the Hobbit House into a minimalist cabin for others to stay in while contemplating and making work in the desert. My long term goal is to acquire more land around this property to be able to expand upon this vision.

As a means of beginning a more focused dialog within the community of Wonder Valley and with other artists interested in working in the desert, I have created an event titled Incantations. Inspired by the Wonder Valley Experimental Music Festival held at The Palms, the idea of this event is to invite conversation and contemplation around sound, space and engaging sonically in the desert. Held in conjunction with the 10th year anniversary of this festival, Incantations will host over 15 artist creating site-specific performances and installations around Wonder Valley (See event schedule).